Shaping the Future with
KU Chemistry
Shaping the Future with
KU Chemistry


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  • Nanoscale Control of Amyloid Self-Assembly Using Protein Phase Tr... Author : Hugh I. Kim Journal : Scientific Reports, 2017, 7, 5710

    Amyloid fibrils have recently been highlighted for their diverse applications as functional nanomaterials in modern chemistry. However, tight control to obtain a targeted fibril...

  • A Mitochondria-targeted Cryptocyanine-Based Photothermogenic Phot... Author : Jong Seung Kim Journal : http://orgchem.korea.ac.kr/index2.asp

    Cryptocyanine-based probes exhibit highly efficient photothermal conversion and represent a new class of photothermal agents for use in photothermal therapy (PTT). With the ther...

  • Cell imaging: An intracellular dance visualized Author : Sang-Hee Shim Journal : http://sodaus.wixsite.com/shimku

    The development of a microscopy technique that enables observation of the interactions between six types of organelle, in 3D and over time, holds promise for improving our under...

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